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5 Great Places to Find Icons for Your Website



Icons are essential visual elements that add flair and functionality to websites. If you’re on the hunt for quality icons to spruce up your website, here are five excellent sources to explore.

Find Icons for your next project


SVGRepo offers a vast collection of free icons spanning various categories. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and search, making it convenient to find the right icons for your needs.


Flaticon boasts an extensive library of icons available in different styles and themes. Users can customize colors to match their website’s aesthetics, and with both free and premium options, there’s something for every budget.


For those favoring minimalist designs, LineIcons provides a comprehensive selection of sleek and modern icons. Its simplicity makes it ideal for achieving a clean and sophisticated look on your website.

Line Awesome

Line Awesome offers stylish icons designed to complement contemporary web design trends. Its seamless integration with popular frameworks like Bootstrap and Vue.js makes it a favorite among developers seeking both style and functionality.

Voxel Guide’s Starter Icon Pack

Voxel Guide’s Starter Icon Pack presents a unique alternative made by Donald from the Voxel community to find icons. Check it out.

Icons play a crucial role in enhancing both the visual appeal and user experience of websites. By searching through the resources provided by SVGRepo, Flaticon, LineIcons, Line Awesome, and Voxel Guide’s Starter Icon Pack, you can easily find icons that match to improve your website design.

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