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FlowMattic - The WordPress Plugin That Will Make Your Life Way Easier




Let’s be honest, running a WordPress site can involve a lot of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. That’s where FlowMattic comes in – it’s like hiring a super-efficient robot assistant to handle all that for you. I am using it on multiple WordPress instances with the Voxel theme, for diverse automations, for example, syncing stuff with GoogleSheets and FluentCRM, and to send out custom emails on specific triggers.

Here’s why it could be the answer to your automation dreams:

No Limits, No Worries

  • Build All the Workflows You Want: Get creative! With FlowMattic you can create as many custom workflows as you need to automate different aspects of your business.
  • Run Them As Much As You Need: Stop worrying about hidden fees or limits. It lets you run your workflows to your heart’s content.

Keep It Streamlined

  • Install Only What You Use: Tons of apps and plugins are ready to connect with FlowMattic. Install only the ones you need to keep things clutter-free.
  • Webhooks Are Your Friend: If a niche app you use isn’t directly supported yet, webhooks will let you tie things together. Fancy tech integrations? FlowMattic can handle those too.

You’re In The Driver’s Seat

  • Schedule Things Like a Pro: Got something that needs to run at a certain time of day or week? Schedule those workflows and rest easy knowing they’ll happen automatically.
  • Move Your Data Smoothly: Easily shift information between steps in your workflows, or add notes if you need extra context.
  • Filters Keep Things Focused: Define exactly what data is important and let your automation ignore the rest. Less brain strain for you!


The Awesome FlowMattic Extras

The core features are fantastic, but these tools really shine:

  • Connect to Anything: If a service has an API, it means FlowMattic can use it to do amazing things within your workflows.
  • Never Lose Track: Each time a workflow runs, it’s recorded, so you can analyze exactly what happened.
  • Automate Those Arrays: Dealing with lists of data? FlowMattic got tools to simplify them, saving you valuable time.
  • Email, Coding, It’s All There: From reliable email delivery to tapping into your custom code, FlowMattic brings power and flexibility.

Scale Up With Ease

As your business grows, FlowMattic grows with you. Share those powerful workflows with team members to distribute tasks and collaborate effectively.

See The Difference For Yourself

This plugin has been carefully developed by people who understand the value of automation and has an awesome Facebook community of users who help out each other as well. If you’re tired of feeling bogged down by repetitive WordPress chores, then FlowMattic is definitely worth investigating.

Check out the website for all the details:

Flowmattic Plugin

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