Veit Josef Schneider

User Experience Designer & Tutor

About me

I bring 16+ years of experience working in the creative industry, on numerous web / video / audio projects and leading an interdisciplinary team running more than 600 music & culture-events and workshops in Germany. I have worked in various industries, including Media/Marketing, E-Learning and Outsourcing.

Veit Josef Schneider Portrait


I walk in the shoes of the users,
focusing on their needs & goals.
I work out simple solutions for
complex questions creatively.
I develop innovative design concepts through
industries' best practice and knowledge.


Discover some of the latest published web projects I was involved in developing

Professionals Directory | UX Design
Outsourcing Consultation | Web Design
E-Learning Search Engine | UX Design
Cryptocurrency Community | Web Design


UX Design
I offer services ranging from
User Research to Information Architecture,
Wireframing, Prototyping, and Testing.
Visual Design
I offer services covering
Photography, Graphic Design,
Video Design and Interaction Design.
Audio Design
I offer services including production of
Voices, Samples and Jingles,
Beats and Instrumentals.



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