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Replace Voxel Dashboard Greeting With Random Greeting



Replace Voxel Dashboard Greeting With Random Greeting is a tiny snippet that you can add to your dashboard page template.

I found the static greeting on the Voxel dashboard a bit boring and added this fun snippet into my dashboard.

Here is how you can replace the Voxel dashboard greeting with a random greeting

#1: Add this snippet into the title text element of the “Greetings, username” field on the dashboard page template:

<div id="greeting">Hello<span id="name">, @user(:display_name)</span></div>

#2 Add this code into the dashboard page somewhere below this field, for example, through a WPcode snippet shortcode:

// Get alternative greetings
const alternativeGreetings = [
  "Hello there",
  "Hey there",
  "What's up",
  "Good day",
  "Guten Tag",
  "Dobry den",
  "Selamat pagi",
  "Nǐ hǎo",

// Get a reference to the element
const greetingElement = document.getElementById('greeting');

// Get a reference to the "Hello" part of the greeting
const helloPart = greetingElement.firstChild;

// Randomly select an alternative greeting
const randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * alternativeGreetings.length);
const randomGreeting = alternativeGreetings[randomIndex];

// Update the content of the "Hello" part
helloPart.textContent = randomGreeting;

And that’s it. Have fun! 🙂

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